Fast Growing Regional airlines provider

  • Flying 5.5 million passengers a year across European routes
  • A growing fleet approaching 100 aircraft




  • Issue: Fragmented supply chain, no long term strategy investment programme. Introduce contingency plan in case of supplier failure
  • Worked with Engineering Director & Head of Outsourced Maintenance to build 5-year supplier strategy (£35m+ contract)
  • Reviewed SLA/KPI requirements to address service issues affecting OTP and despatch reliability
  • Specified and ran RfP process to set up three new bases and re-negotiated expiring contracts to align with new 5 year strategy




  • Contingency plan to mitigate against registered business risk of failure of outsourced Light Maintenance supplier
  • Established and let SGHAs at 3 new bases - reduced cost measured by cost/departure
  • Revised strategy for ARN (white-label operation) to cover tech a/c at unmanned down-route stations at marginal cost
  • SRM strategy introduced to improve KPI monitoring, improve OTP and despatch reliability
  • Introduced blue-print to set-up and stand-down outsourced Line Maintenance facilities for both Flybe mainline and white label operations (e.g. INV, BSL)

“Procura took our Line Maintenance contracts to market which enabled us to tailor the service to our needs, improve services and Supplier Relations and reduce the costs”.
- Head of Contracted Maintenance,


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