• One the world’s largest IT services and solutions providers with over 150,000 staff and serving customers in over 100 countries
  • Scope covers 14 countries, more than 10,000 sims and a spend of approx. Euro 5m p.a.
  • Existing MSA but only 50% spend through preferred network
  • With the MSA requiring renewal, an ideal opportunity existed to define a pan-European sourcing strategy




  • Review of 176 data sources; contracts (MSA and local agreements), CCM tool, invoices, call analysis and spend details
  • Development of metrics and benchmarking
  • Supply market analysis




  • Analysis revealed large variations in APCU (average cost per user)
  • Benchmarking revealed commercial opportunities through market leverage
  • Developed three sourcing strategy options; 1) Tactical limited-scope retendering 2) Negotiation and MSA renewal 3) Full, comprehensive European tender
  • Recommendations to execute full, comprehensive tender for all requirements and to put in place new MSA and local arrangements to deliver savings of 15%-20%


IT growth charts


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