• Multi-site NHS Trust providing acute care to more than half a million people.
  • Under financial pressure to improve financial position with a starting point of “too much stock, in too many locations”




  • Total inventory of £5.7m which had increased 7% per year
  • Undertook review of all inbound supply chains into each site to identify improvement areas and quantify financial impact
  • Quantified value of stock in each stock location and current approach to stock management and receipt & distribution
  • Defined optimum “to-be” supply chain approach and network
  • Defined stock reduction opportunity and implementation plan



Comprehensive transformation plan defining five areas for improvement:


  • Transformation of stock management and inbound supply chain.
  • Sampling indicated “just-in-case” rather than “just-in-time” stock management, in some case up to 87% overstocking

Total stock reduction of £544k identified

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