Leading international airlines provider

  • Flying over 5 million passengers a year on over 100 routes
  • A fleet of 90 aircraft




  • Legacy long-term supplier; unit costs included rental of vending equipment > 5 years old
  • Introduce an effective Supplier Relationship Management strategy to create a solution without access to a Capex budget
  • Detailed analysis of consumption to review stockholding, determine design of new vend solution.
  • Ownership of vend solution passed to Airline at end of 3 year contract, removing link between solution and supplier




  • 3 year contract, introduced new solution, 5-day on-site support and 23% savings on £400k pa spend
  • Significantly enhanced data reporting to improve analysis by individual job number and 3rd party recharges
  • Significant improvement in cost avoidance through behavioural change; increased traceability, visibility of use by individual engineer
  • 2 year contract extension negotiated to extend vend solution to address CAA audit finding and improve shop-floor productivity
  • Facilitated internal process workshop to remove customer-driven costs, enabling the supplier to increase their investment in the account and hold pricing at contract renewal.


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