Regulators are asking for more structure and compliance, whilst customers are demanding more innovative and personalised services.

In the face of innovation and disruption, business models are changing fast too, and with that comes a need for a more agile supply base, able to flex with the needs of the business as the outsource and insource dynamic shifts rapidly.

These external pressures are forcing financial services organisations to focus on their supply bases, balancing agility with productivity and cost savings. To support this, procurement functions must develop the capability to lead, shape and deliver.

Specialist Procurement Services for Financial Services

We are procurement experts and “sleeves rolled up” delivery consultants. To accelerate procurement excellence in your organisation, we deploy procurement specialists with real-world experience in the Financial Services sector combined with insight, experience and leading-edge thinking from the outside.

We work closely and collaboratively with you, immersing ourselves in your world to understand your needs and deliver fast and sustainable impact. We help organisations to;

Strategic Sourcing to identify and deliver savings through procurement cost reduction
Transform procurement from a back-office transactional function to a high-performance commercial unit
• Introduce Supplier Relationship Management to drive value, take out cost and realise supplier-led innovation
Digitisation: Leveraging technology to transform your procurement effectiveness
Tail Spend Management: Drive value from and manage the tail

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We build long-term partnerships with our clients that deliver ongoing cost reduction and continuous improvement in procurement  that drives value to the bottom line. If you would like to know more about how that works for your business then please get in touch: