Sustainable performance improvement requires both organisational change and the upskilling of procurement resources.

Without the necessary skills, training, and experiences within the procurement function, it is not possible to achieve significant and long-lasting business growth.

We work with clients to assess the procurement function, identify capability gaps and provide tailor-made training on a wide range of fundamental procurement processes.

Our unique Training Needs Assessment is an online tool that enables procurement resources, both teams and individuals, to self-assess their level of competency, and guide Training & Development.

We then develop bespoke programmes of procurement training; in-house or virtual, using leading-edge video and communications tools, and embed these in Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Whether you are looking to upskill existing team members, identify resource gaps or onboard new procurement staff, we can provide specialist support to:

  • Enhance procurement knowledge & skills
  • Deliver interactive training workshops
  • Ensure consistent methodology across the organisation
  • Facilitate procurement efficiencies
  • Increase job satisfaction and overall team morale

Prior to undertaking often costly and time-consuming training, Procurement Executives need to have a full understanding of the different capabilities across their team to ensure a targeted procurement development plan:

Procurement Competency Framework – Establishing a tailored Procurement Competency Framework which is used to inform Training, Development & Resourcing Planning. The Competency Framework is based on the industry recognised CIPS Global Standard for Procurement & Supply (v3.1) and centres around 4 key Framework Pillars.

Training Needs Assessment – Creating a tailor-made self-assessment which identifies competency areas that can be targeted for future training sessions.

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Training & Development Plan – Developing personalised Training & Development Plans for procurement teams and individuals which are based on the results of the Training Needs Assessment and ensure a clear roadmap for achieving the identified training requirements.

Procurement Training – Providing bespoke interactive training sessions, both in person and virtually, on a wide range of topics including: Negotiation Excellence, Category Sourcing, Financial Aspects of Procurement, Risk Management, Supplier Relationship Management.


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Procurement Resourcing Plan – Providing specialist advice and guidance for appropriate procurement resourcing to ensure that the correct resource structure is in place to support overall business objectives.

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