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As financial challenges hit the Higher Education sector, Universities are looking to Procurement Category Management to provide cost management and drive savings

The burden of managing increasingly constrained and uncertain budgets has shifted from government to universities. In tandem, a combination of increasing demand for services and increasing costs mean that managing expenditure with suppliers is critical to financial integrity.

Procurement in the Higher Education sector has traditionally been under-valued and under-invested. Many procurement functions are only focused on unsophisticated contract management and making sure that externally-funded research budgets are spent compliantly. The opportunity for professional procurement to make an impact is significant.

Category Management – aligning procurement to supply-market categories and involving stakeholders in a systematic engagement process – is particularly well-suited to both the culture and devolved budget responsibility within HE establishments.

The Higher Education establishments we work with are already seeing how improvements in procurement can deliver substantial, sustainable cost savings, while also improving the quality of purchased goods and services.

Procura can help Universities and Higher Education establishments;

    • Transform procurement from a back-office transactional function to a high-performance commercial unit through implementing Category Management


    • Increase procurement capability through training and development


    • Identify, quantify and prioritise savings opportunities


  • Work with existing procurement functions to deliver savings and transfer knowledge

We have a deep understanding of the sector challenges and supply markets.


 Case Study:

Read how Procura helped one of the world’s Top 100 Universities implement Procurement Category Management

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