Driving lasting change in transportation and logistics

Rising fuel costs, increasing demand, capacity constraints, duties and border disruptions are driving a renewed focus to optimise transportation and logistics.

For many businesses, logistics expertise is no longer an in-house capability and the management of 3PL/4PL providers just adds a further layer of complexity when flexibility is needed to rapidly change the supply base and inbound and outbound routes.

On top of that, the disruption caused by Covid-19 has given an even greater emphasis to the management of supply chain risk, with a new

Procura brings a unique and holistic approach to logistics and supply chain optimisation. Evaluating strategic levers such as network design, integrating inventory management and working capital optimisation, as well as the more operational issues of price and process efficiency.

  • Cost optimisation through transportation sourcing and contract management
  • Service level improvement for improved customer satisfaction
  • Supply chain risk assessment and management
  • Warehouse and network optimisation
  • Inventory management and working capital improvement
  • Supply chain disaggregation and optimisation
  • New ways of working embedded for sustainable improvement

01 Identify. Deep data analysis provides the keys to unlocking transportation benefits. Our teams map, analyse, optimise and visualise to identify where and how to realise savings.

02 Deliver. We manage the market, engaging providers through technology and driving the optimum balance of cost and service.

03 Maintain. We ensure processes are embedded to enable ongoing and continuous improvement

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