Supply base opportunities, risks and pragmatic value creation strategies

Creating value from the supply base. Execution is everything

With external expenditure typically 30%-60% of costs and every pound or dollar saved passing through to the bottom-line, procurement is a key lever for value creation.

For PE firms and investors, clear, objective and pragmatic advice is important.

Pre-transaction, it is critical to understand the risks in the supply base and the key suppliers. Not just now but can the supply base support the growth plan?

For value creation, to identify and quantify the value creation opportunities in the cost base and to build the execution plan. Not just theory but a pragmatic, deliverable workplan.

Understand the target's supply base risks and opportunities

  • Comprehensive assessment of risk and opportunity in the target
    • Assessment of supply chain risk
    • Key supplier analysis for risk and growth capacity
    • Understanding of Procurement capability
  • Identification of value creation strategies

Procura supports PE deal, operating and management teams to deliver transaction due diligence and rapid impact programs

We work with acquirers and advisors pre-transaction to provide a comprehensive assessment of non-pay cost base; key suppliers, supply chains and procurement capability

We identify deliverable value creation strategies

And, we provide hands-on execution to ensure post-transaction value is realised

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We build long-term partnerships with our clients that deliver ongoing cost reduction and continuous improvement in procurement that drives value to the bottom line. If you would like to know more about how that works for your business then please get in touch: