Procurement projects and assignment delivered. On-Demand

The procurement requirements of an organisation are continually changing and sometimes difficult to predict.

Growth, projects, absence, recruitment challenges and stretch targets cause challenges in managing resource, expertise and delivery, and the traditional approach of hiring interims to fill the gap just takes on fixed cost rather than a delivery outcome.

At the same time, planning and implementing a complex change project where potential external partners are vetted, tenders issued, presentations made – and all of this before the successful bidder gets anywhere near to starting any actual work – can seem like overkill.

The solution is ON-DEMAND

Procura have created a suite of easy to access services which allow our clients to benefit from our expertise, knowledge and capacity as and when its needed – with organisations only paying for precisely what is required.

The outcome:  Less cost, maximum impact.

On-Demand puts you in control. Switching on experienced procurement resource, as and when you need it;

  • Project-by-project
  • Pay only for what is needed
  • Outcome-based incentivisation
  • Sector/category expertise and leveraging Procura knowledge
  • On-site or remote (or an optimum mix)
  • Turn on and off as needed

On-Demand vs Interim:

Hire an Interim… OR… Procura ON-DEMAND
Fixed-term Agreed scope, deliverable and time
Pay for elapsed time Pay only for time required
High day rate Lower day rate plus incentive bonus
Minimum contract commitment – impossible to exit No commitment – turn on and off as needed
Focussed on maximising days used and contract extension Focussed on agreed deliverables and client satisfaction
Require performance management Self Managed
Often negative ROI High ROI

Switching on experienced procurement resource, as and when you need it

1) Set-up and Ready to Go

  • We do all the supplier set-up administration at the beginning so when you need us there is no delay
  • We provide a dedicated Director as your single point of contact. We take time to understand your business

2) Assignment specification

  • We quickly agree a specification for the assignment; what is needed and what the output is
  • We agree who, when, where and how the project is best delivered
  • We agree the time required to get the job done
  • We agree the day-rate and performance bonus according to the level of resource required
  • We document everything in a straightforward statement of work… ready to start

3) We deliver.

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