Plug-in our expert Strategic Sourcing service, whilst you focus on your core business

Many organisations, both large and small, are waking-up to the potential of an outsourced procurement service; leaving responsibility for strategic sourcing in the hands of experts whilst they focus on their core business.

For some organisations, this is driven by scale…

Many mid-sized organisations do not have the scale to warrant a professional procurement function or may only have a generalist who doesn’t have the depth or breadth to cover the full range of spend.

For other organisations this is driven by focus…

Many larger organisations focus their in-house resources on their core, direct spend categories leaving their indirect or overhead spend in the hands of Procura experts

For others, just pure performance…

Sourcing-as-a-Service gives access to expertise, supply-market knowledge, experience, tools, techniques and the commercially-incentivised drive to outperform an in-house procurement function.

  • Leveraging our expertise and deep supply-market knowledge
  • Gaining the benefits of a high-performance procurement function, regardless of your size
  • Focusing your resources on core categories, leaving your indirect spend to experts
  • Accessing specialist software, tools, benchmarking and insight to drive performance
  • Monitoring compliance and controlling maverick spend through ProIntell
  • Immediate professional contract management
  • Renegotiate/retender/recontract according to market conditions
  • Achieving outperformance on savings and Procurement Return On Investment

01 Identify. We work with you to understand and model your requirements, and to plug-in our service to your organisation through dedicated support tools and a managed integration.

02 Deliver. We deliver Strategic Sourcing services as and when you need them; Supply Market Research, Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Qualification (eRFI), Supplier Selection (eRFx, eAuction), Negotiation, Bid Analysis & Recommendation and Commercial agreement (KPIs/SLAs)

03 Maintain. We monitor spend and contracts to ensure the benefits are sustained

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