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Reducing the costs of your Commercial Vehicle Fleet

The costs of operating a commercial vehicle fleet are rising but organisations have a wide range of cost management approaches available to them which can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.

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Category management


Category Management – The future of Higher Education procurement?

A growing number of Universities have begun implementing Category Management as their approach and core process for procurement. With its focus on stakeholder engagement, demand challenge and supplier-led innovation Category Management is ideally suited to this sector.

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Perfect storm


Retailers are facing a perfect storm of economic uncertainty and increasing costs

Growing top-line sales is hard. However, for a typical retailer, a one per cent saving in costs provides the equivalent EBIT impact of a 12 per cent increase in sales, so the way you buy is a good place to start to improve financial performance.

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Why procurement excellence can be the driver of transformation in Higher Education

The Higher Education sector is facing unprecedented change. Universities are now operating in a competitive, global marketplace.

At the same time, student expectations have risen rapidly and continue to rise, driving an increasing need for improved facilities, new technology and all with a fundamental requirement for the highest ethical and sustainability standards.

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Indirect Spend (Goods-Not-For-Resale) in Retail – opportunities for profit improvement

All retailers spend significantly on indirect spend, or Goods-Not-For-Resale. Categories such as Building, installation & fixtures, Logistics, Marketing, Facilities, IT & telecoms and Utilities can account for more than 1/7th of a retailer’s turnover and are often purchased by operational departments with no procurement support or, worse, left totally unmanaged, falling between functional responsibilities or distributed across the organisation.

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4 Project Management Principles Every Procurement Team Should Embrace

From the outside, procurement professionals are often characterised as “people who buy things”.  While this description is fundamentally correct, it overlooks many additional components involved in procurement excellence – for example the ‘what, how, who and when’ of purchasing.

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The journey to procurement excellence

When we assess a procurement function we use a performance assessment model based on the six key enablers. Each enabler has a number of dimensions and for each dimension there are a number of criteria, or measurement points. In total, there are 60 measurement points which then build up to provide a clear picture of the functional capability of the procurement organisation. By assessing the level of each of these criteria we can accurately “map” the performance profile.

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Surviving in a World of Rising Costs & Economic Uncertainty

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) seasonally-adjusted Input Prices Index for the UK manufacturing sector signaled the fastest rate of increase in costs in 69 months - reaching its fourth highest level in the 25-year history of the survey.

In short, almost everything that is brought from abroad is costing more.

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The Hidden Value of Growth

Calculating the value of increasing the size of your business with top suppliers – normally 20% of suppliers will account for 80% of your costs – enables you to develop a proactive cost reduction programme with a strong negotiating platform for reducing prices. It is a particularly effective approach when your account constitutes a significant proportion of your supplier’s business. This article shows you how to calculate the most appropriate % reduction.

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Procurement Excellence - What a high-performance procurement organisation should look like

High-performing procurement organisations share common characteristics. In this article we explore the core processes that every procurement function needs to achieve procurement excellence; from strategic planning to category and supplier management, through to operational sourcing and the backbone enabling processes such as control and data management. 

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How NHS Trusts can make savings on their Agency spend

Agency Staffing spend in the NHS has been growing year on year with a rapid spike in the last 18 months. This is now having a very significant impact on Trust finances. However, excellent procurement can make a very significant impact and there are a range of approaches that Trusts can use to significantly reduce the cost of agency nurses, locums and health professionals. 

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Equipment maintenance – how NHS Trusts can improve service levels and reduce costs

Equipment maintenance is often a category of spend which is clouded in complexity and by a fear of challenging the original equipment manufacturer. With the right approach there are a number of ways to significantly reduce the cost of equipment maintenance whilst maintaining and even improving service levels. 

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