Digital technologies can help procurement teams increase their collaboration, analytics and engagement using a portfolio of tools along the entire procurement value chain, including planning, sourcing, contract management, purchase-to-pay and supplier management.

The challenge is clarity. What are you trying to achieve? What does good look like? What is best for my organisation? What is possible? How does it integrate? What does it cost? What are the benefits?

The journey from where you are now to the future digital procurement function needs three things; 1. the vision, 2. the business case and 3. the roadmap. We can help you all the way.

  • Understand the “art of the possible”
  • Define the future vision for your organisation
  • Build the business case; the cost/benefit for digitisation
  • Define the implementation roadmap

Procura helps clients find, select and rapidly implement leading-edge procurement tools and marketplaces, transforming processes and embedding the foundations of Procurement Excellence.

We help clients to define their requirements. Understanding the current situation and the target operating process are fundamental in selecting the right solution.

We help clients select the right solution from a complicated technology landscape. Hand-holding all the way.

And, we implement. Rapidly delivering Procurement Excellence.

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