The procurement technology landscape has exploded. In the last few years there has been a tsunami of new, innovative, cloud-based, SaaS providers offering a range of specialist solutions.

In the past, we had enterprise level ERP systems, now we have solutions for each core process and every market vertical. We now have the ability to weave together a perfect network of economical, scalable and innovative technologies and leverage the power of machine learning and AI.

However it’s a complex and rapidly evolving landscape.

At the last count, there are over 107 solution providers. How do we know? They are in our Solution Provider Database

Procurement Market Map

We know the market! We can help you quickly understand the “art of the possible” and select the optimum providers

  • We help you understand the “art of the possible”
  • Use our Requirement Analyser to select the shortlist
  • We help you engage the market and run a selection process
  • Select the optimum providers and drive the best commercials

Procura helps clients find, select and rapidly implement leading-edge procurement tools and marketplaces, transforming processes and embedding the foundations of Procurement Excellence.

We help clients to define their requirements. Understanding the current situation and the target operating process are fundamental in selecting the right solution.

We help clients select the right solution from a complicated technology landscape. Hand-holding all the way.

And, we implement. Rapidly delivering Procurement Excellence.

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