Leading UK women’s high street fashion retailer with over 125 outlets in the UK, US and UAE. Private equity owner and new management team looking to reverse declining profitability.

The project objective was to identify cost reduction opportunities through improved procurement.




Spend Analysis of all supplier expenditure to identify, categorise and analyse direct spend (Goods For Resale), indirect spend (Goods Not For Resale)

Review of key category suppliers, supply markets and sourcing regions

Review of Goods For Resale sourcing process

Opportunity Assessment to identify procurement improvement and cost reduction opportunities for each category of direct and indirect spend.




  • Identified 6 “Quick Win” negotiations for Indirect Spend
  • Identified further Indirect Spend categories for cost reduction through strategic sourcing
  • Recommended improvements to sourcing process for Goods For Resale categories
Chart showing saving criteria
  • Identified total savings opportunity of £1.2 to £2.1m
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