Many organisations, both large and small, are waking-up to the potential of a Procurement Managed Service; leaving responsibility for procurement in the hands of experts whilst they focus on their core business.


For some organisations this is driven by scale…

Many mid-sized organisations do not have the scale to warrant a professional procurement function or may only have a generalist who doesn’t have the depth or breadth to cover the full range of spend.


For other organisations this is driven by focus…

Many larger organisations focus their procurement resource on their core, direct spend categories leaving their indirect or overhead spend in the hands of Procura experts - Indirect Spend Managed Service.


For others, just pure performance…

A Procurement Managed Service gives access to expertise, supply-market knowledge, experience, tools, techniques and the commercially-incentivised drive to outperform an in-house procurement function.


Whatever the driver, the benefits of our Procurement Managed Service include:

  • Leveraging our expertise and deep supply-market knowledge
  • Gaining the benefits of a high-performance procurement function, regardless of your size 
  • Focussing your resources, leaving your indirect spend to experts
  • Accessing specialist software, tools, benchmarking and insight to drive performance
  • Monitoring compliance and controlling maverick spend through ProIntell 
  • Immediate professional contract management
  • Renegotiate/retender/recontract according to market conditions
  • Achieving outperformance on savings and Procurement Return On Investment


Our hybrid subscription/performance incentivisation model provides clients with budgetary clarity plus the commercial incentivisation to drive year-on-year improvements to your cost base.


Monitoring, Review, Reporting and Control

Our unique ProIntell Spend Intelligence Service offers you a smart way to monitor, review and benchmark supplier spend in order to optimise costs and improve your profitability… on an ongoing basis.

Our Procurement Managed Service team reviews your spend on a quarterly basis ensuring compliance to contract terms and identifying maverick spend. We provide full reporting and KPI management, ensuring your spend stays optimised.


Professional Contract Management

We provide clients with a cloud-based Contract Management portal for complete visibility, management and monitoring of contracts. Linked to our ProIntell Spend Intelligence Service we can track expenditure against contract to maximise contract terms, discounts and rebates.


Every contract professionally re-negotiated or re-tendered and never a “roll-over”

Working to an agreed Sourcing Calendar your contracts are professionally re-negotiated/re-tendered/re-contracted according to market conditions and your business objectives.

Never again lose potential cost benefits or hand your suppliers complete control because of lapsed or rolled-over contracts.  We provide clients with high-performance contract management and the sourcing velocity often lacking in in-house procurement functions.


On-demand resource when you need it

And when your business requires extra horsepower, access our expertise on an on-demand basis.

Whether it is for special projects, mergers and acquisitions, market demands or just the peaks and troughs of business, our expertise is on hand to support on an on-demand basis.




Why choose Procura?

  • We are specialists in procurement. We bring Procurement Excellence, deliver cost reduction and improve our client’s profitability
  • Our consultants work closely with all kinds of organisations to improve their profitability by identifying, delivering and maintaining savings from all categories of external spend
  • A relentless focus on bottom-line results combined with our deep supply-market knowledge ensures that spend is optimised – and stays optimised
  • We offer a range of entrepreneurial risk-sharing fee models to partner with our clients


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