Applying a unique and completely independent review of existing insurance programmes, our specialist team have helped organisations across all sectors to achieve savings on their business insurance premiums averaging 20% (on a like-for-like cover and service basis).

We aren't insurance brokers or insurers, we work solely for and answer only to our clients and our specialists are totally independent when negotiating with suppliers.

This model offers a better way for organisations to purchase the insurance cover they need. We add value to your programme through improvements in cover, enhancements in service and additional cost improvements against the best possible terms your existing broker can deliver.

Our services are focused on getting the best possible deal for our clients. Unlike brokers and insurers we work for and are answerable only to you. 

Enhanced cover, service and lower premiums

Our unique project processes enable our clients to secure better insurance protection, enhanced service and support and additional reductions in premium that simply aren't available through an open, competitive broker tender process.

Our approach has been successfully applied in hundreds of projects involving businesses and organisations in all sectors of the economy. On a like-for-like cover and service basis it delivers on average, an additional 20% premium saving against the best terms otherwise available to our clients.

Insurance is unlike any other supply-market. Our specialists work in parallel with the 'traditional' insurance renewal/procurement processes to maximise our clients' market opportunities. We defuse the negative market tactics that stop open review processes from working properly.

100% success-based fee model

We are paid purely by results - a percentage of the additional savings we achieve. This is a one-off fee so you obtain full advantage of any recurring savings in subsequent policy years.

What this means is that if we don't deliver against a pre-agreed benchmark of your confirmed renewal terms on an equivalent cover and service basis, the good news (for you) is that it will cost you absolutely nothing to confirm that you're enjoying the most up-to-date, efficient and cost-effective protection.

When you work with us our specialists will provide you with the totally independent perspective you need to make the right choices about your insurance programme. Our specialists are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Clients include organisations that operate within European Airlines, Financial Services, Retail, Consumer, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Pharmaceuticals.