Technology is driving a paradigm shift in the dynamics of the travel supply-chain.  Airlines, Hotels, Rail & Car Hire companies are developing new distribution strategies based on mobile solutions, directly targeting companies and their travellers.  Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are rapidly evolving and providing new and innovative ways to support clients and help them manage travel spend. Whilst SaaS expense management solutions are expanding their scope and encroaching on to the traditional booking platforms. These drivers will have an increasingly significant impact on how travel is contracted, purchased, managed and controlled.

Amongst this rapidly changing environment, organisations must balance the complexities of an increasingly fragmented travel sector whilst maintaining cost control, maximising traveller well-being and optimising traveller productivity. 

Whether your travel management is direct, partly or wholly outsourced, Procura’s bespoke data technology platform offers insights into both spend profile but as importantly, traveller behaviour and well-being.

Procura uses its proven four-phase model (Diagnostics, Sourcing, Change Management, Audit & Compliance) to deliver sustainable savings whilst ensuring policies are fit for purpose and aligned.

Whatever your objectives are, from compliance, to savings, to efficiency to traveller experience, Procura’s Business Travel diagnostic model provides an end-to-end assessment of your complete travel expenditure:

  • Booking, fulfilment and reconciliation process assessment and optimisation
  • Travel Policy review - aligning organisational objectives with traveller behaviour to drive compliance
  • TMC Performance Audit - ongoing audit and spend analysis, evaluation against contracted terms and KPIs


We can then help you put in place the optimum business travel management strategy and structure to effectively manage, control and optimise your overall business travel expenditure.


  • Lower cost per traveller/mile
  • Increased compliance
  • Improved traveller experience
  • Improved organisational productivity


Procura Business Travel Procurement services:

  • Business Travel Spend Analysis and Opportunity Assessment
  • Travel Policy review and audit
  • Proven source and selection process (RFI, RFP, Contract)
  • Travel Management Company audit and performance review
  • Travel and Expense Management process review and optimisation
  • Insight into impact /consequences of technology changes in the travel sector