Contract audit and profit recovery ensures you have paid what you should and recovered what you are due.

Increasingly complex agreements, mergers and acquisitions, a lack of supplier and contract management and overstretched accounts payables functions can all contribute to a lack of control of payments to and rebates from current suppliers.

We provide a range of specialist audit and recovery services on a 100% success-based fee structure; no recovery, no fee

Contract audit

Complex agreements and contracts with suppliers can result in a difference in what is due and what has been paid, particularly where structured rebates, over-riders, discounting structures and supplier-funding models are in place.

We review supplier agreements and actual transactions to ensure clients have paid only what they should have and received what they are due. We recover any difference from suppliers resulting in one-off repayments to our clients.

Profit recovery

A detailed review of clients’ accounts payables data to look for a range of errors across VAT, duplicates, credit notes, currency errors and overpayments. Our specialist auditors then recover payments from suppliers and provide recommendations to ensure any process weaknesses are resolved.

Agency labour review

Temporary labour contracts are fraught with potential errors and overcharges caused by Working Time Directive, Holiday and Statutory payments complicating agreed agency margins. High volumes of shifts, rates and recharges further complicate the commercial picture.

A detailed review of agency contracts and payments ensures clients pay only what is due and any overpayments are recovered.

Utility audit

Our energy specialists conduct deep analysis on utility supply agreements and performance review against each supply connection including;

Electricity Telecoms Water 
   Operator Charges  Cease Orders  Meter Size 
   Change of Tenancy  Circuit on/off  Leakages
   Availability Charges  Correct Frequency  Shared Supply 
   Power Correction  Master Contract  Fixed Charges
   Contract Rates  Radial Distance  Over Estimated Billing
   Data Aggregation  Double Billing  Water Devices
   Dual Billing  Price Lists  Trade Effluent Charges
   DuoS and TUoS Charges  Standing Charges  Standing Charge
   Unit Rate vs Usage  Tariff Checking  Water Surface Charges
   Meter Readings  Duplicate Payments  Disposal Charges
   Profile Analysis  VAT  Bespoke Anomalies


Telecoms audit

Our experts undertake a deep analysis, review and payment recovery on your existing telecoms contract, including:

  • Line audit
  • Master contract
  • Hardware fund management
  • Standing charges and tariff checking
  • VAT, double billing and overpayment cost recovery
  • Performance audit and cost recovery: Cease orders, Circuit on/off, Correct frequency, Radial distance