Addressing sustainability issues within your supply chain can deliver significant benefits to your business:

•  Save money
•  Gain competitive advantage
•  Avoid reputational risk
•  Attract high performing talent
•  Access ESG investment opportunities
•  Increase your Brand value

As result of increasing pressure from consumers, staff and investors, many organisations seeking to minimise their negative social and environmental impact.

We have developed a package of tools and processes to help you ensure your procurement and supply chain functions are sustainable.

This means that your organisation can be sustainable and still deliver significant and measurable benefits to your business.


Save cost through;

  • Demand management
  • Technology innovation
  • Waste reduction
  • Risk mitigation
  • GreenSource group purchasing frameworks


'Between 40% and 80% of an organisation’s revenue is typically re-spent through its supply chain'



Show early leadership in your industry and an authentic commitment to sustainable sourcing. We can help you leverage the expertise in your supply chain to offer sustainable products and services.


Share your sustainable achievements with customers and shareholders and align with their ethical policies, increasing customer loyalty to your brand.



Show leadership in sustainable procurement by engaging with your supply chain to ensure that your ethical credentials are authentic and visible.

“Supply chain emissions are 5.5 times greater than a companies direct operations on average” (CDP Supply Chain Report, 2019)



Attract and retain high performing staff from an increasingly sustainability conscious talent pool.


Investors are increasingly applying ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities. Embedding sustainability policies into your procurement function will allow your business access to these investment opportunities.


How to deliver these benefits to your business

The inevitable move towards sustainability in supply chains can deliver significant benefits to you as an early adopter.

Our specialist teams help you adopt new processes and policies seamlessly and without disruption to your business:  


Highlight the Biggest Opportunities

Sustainable Impact Assessment highlights spend categories with the greatest opportunity and risk based on your organisations sustainability objectives.

Identify Supplier Spend

Spend Analysis using our ProIntell tool to provide transparency of supplier spend.

Maintain Your Objectives

Sustainable Procurement Diagnostic measures how the procurement function is involved and equipped to support sustainability objectives.

Category Strategies that can be self-deliverer or implemented with the support of Procura’s Sustainability Consultants.


Empower & Upskill Your Team

Capability Enhancement using the ISO 20400 Framework to empower and upskill the Procurement function and ensure the correct governance, policy and skills are in place.


Connect With Ethical Suppliers

GreenSource buying frameworks with pre-qualified suppliers who offer environmentally and socially sustainable products and services for common business overheads.


Broadcast Your Ethical Credentials

Achievement Tracking in our ProIntell tool with metrics that can be reported on in marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns.


The Time To Act Is NOW

All businesses have the capacity to improve their sustainability credentials. We can help you improve your ethical credentials with the additional benefit of identifying cost saving opportunities within your supply chain.

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