Addressing sustainability issues within your supply chain can deliver significant benefits to your business:

There is increasing pressure from consumers, staff, and investors for organisations to minimise their negative social, environmental and economic impacts.

With a significant proportion of most organisations revenue re-spent through its supply chain, an organisation’s supply base is perhaps the largest risk but also the biggest lever of opportunity for becoming a more sustainable business, and the procurement function is a key enabler for organisations who want to raise their environmental and ethical profile.

Our consultants work alongside clients to deliver sustainable solutions, transfer knowledge and embed best practice. By focussing on the three pillars of sustainability, often referred to as the 3P's, our clients benefit from:

Delivering the benefits of Sustainable Procurement in three steps

Step 1: Identify

Procura can help you start with a Sustainable Procurement Impact Assessment to identify the greatest opportunity areas for improvement by focusing on both categories and current capability.

  • Sustainability Objective Discovery to define goals
  • Spend Analysis using our ProIntell tool to provide transparency of supplier spend and sustainable insights
  • Category Impact Assessment highlights spend categories with the greatest opportunity and risk based on your sustainability objectives
  • Sustainable Procurement Diagnostic measures how the procurement function is equipped to support the sustainable procurement



Step 2: Deliver

Procura deliver solutions and tools that ensure best practise in sustainable procurement is embedded with a measurable impact on the supply chain.

  • Category Strategies that can be self-delivered or implemented with the support of Procura’s Sustainability Consultants
  • GreenSource buying frameworks with pre-qualified suppliers who offer environmentally and socially sustainable products and services for common business overheads


Step 3: Maintain

We embed Sustainable Procurement skills, policies and procedures and give the team the tools to measure their impact on a ongoing basis.

  • Capability Enhancement using the ISO 20400 Framework to empower and upskill the Procurement function and ensure the correct governance, policy and skills are in place
  • Sustainable Procurement Diagnostic Reassessment and evaluation against the ISO 20400 standard
  • Achievement Tracking in our ProIntell tool with metrics that can be reported on in marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns



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Why choose Procura?

  • We are specialists in procurement. We bring Procurement Excellence, deliver cost reduction and improve our client’s profitability
  • Our consultants work closely with all kinds of organisations to improve their profitability by identifying, delivering and maintaining savings from all categories of external spend
  • A relentless focus on bottom-line results combined with our deep supply-market knowledge ensures that spend is optimised – and stays optimised
  • We offer a range of entrepreneurial risk-sharing fee models to partner with our clients