Procurement Transformation seeks to optimise the continually shifting procurement landscape by developing a function that is agile, better aligned to stakeholder and business needs, and fully equipped to effectively manage future economic and business changes – whatever these might be.

By transforming procurement capabilities and further enhancing the strategic nature of the function, your organisation will be better equipped for developing a competitive advantage.

Procurement Transformation is required now, transformation that is supported by clear analysis and goals to achieve success.

Even high-performing procurement teams need support identifying initiatives that add to the organisation’s strategic vision and long-term profitability.

Procurement Transformation can:

  • Develop a strategic procurement vision for the future
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of the procurement function
  • Create a vendor management programme for core suppliers
  • Embed a structured sourcing approach to maintain savings
  • Enhance the use of digital procurement tools
  • Deliver supply chain process improvements

Procurement optimisation chart

There are 4 steps to ensuring effective procurement transformation:

  1. Understand the maturity of your procurement function

Organisations differ greatly in their procurement maturity – some are starting out on a journey to gradually improve the function whilst others have been on the journey for many years. We measure and assess the procurement influence and provide recommendations for achieving ‘Excellence’.

  1. Develop your Procurement Strategy

An appropriate procurement strategy needs to be established in order to drive the function, deliver success and clearly articulate the purpose of the function, how it operates and, importantly, how it delivers the overall objectives of the organisation. We work with clients to form a business-specific procurement strategy that is built upon an organisation’s core values and guiding principles, and which focuses on both short and long-term strategic objectives.

  1. Develop a roadmap for transformational change

A tailored transformation roadmap provides the means for executing your procurement strategy. At Procura we develop a roadmap based on the outcome of the procurement maturity assessment with clear, actionable targets for achieving Procurement Excellence.

  1. Monitor the success

Maintaining a clear view of the success of your procurement transformation programme is vital for ensuring stakeholder buy-in and sustaining business momentum. We use clear success measure indicators to ensure that the procurement function continues to add value to the organisation.

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