Transform your Procurement Function and ride out challenging times

  • Achieve competitive advantage by strategically transforming your procurement capabilities
  • Maintain strategic focus and maintain purchasing efficiency for years to come.
  • Develop a robust methodology to help your business thrive in challenging times.

In an uncertain future, we can be certain that more change is yet to come.

Procurement transformation is required now. This is achieved through clear analysis and measurable goals which result in significant cost savings.
It’s time to refocus and look ahead to the opportunities that can be realised in tomorrow’s new normal.

How we support your procurement transformation

Transforming the supply base and challenging what has been done in the past is crucial for unlocking the potential for step-change impact.

According to our research, almost half of firms globally will overhaul their entire procurement and supply chain strategies in the wake of the crisis, however 63% of executives (from the 400 organisations questioned) do not believe that they are equipped for implementing a supply chain transformation programme.

Understand the maturity of your procurement function

Organisations differ greatly in their procurement maturity – some are starting out on a journey to gradually improve the function whilst others have been on the journey for many years. Where are you now? At Procura Consulting we measure and assess 6 key enablers focused on:

  • Strategy & Organisation
  • People & Skills
  • Strategic Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Info, Data & Systems
  • Policies & Procedures

Develop Your Procurement Strategy.

An appropriate procurement strategy needs to be established in order to drive the function, deliver success and clearly articulate the the purpose of the function, how it operates and, importantly, how it delivers the overall objectives of the business.

We work with clients to form a business-specific procurement strategy that is built upon an organisations core values and guiding principles, and which focuses on both short and long-term strategic objectives

Develop a roadmap for transformational change

A tailored transformation roadmap provides the means for executing your procurement strategy.

At Procura we develop a roadmap based on the outcome of the procurement maturity assessment (Functional Diagnostic) with clear, actionable targets for achieving procurement excellence.

Monitor & Maintain your success

Maintaining a clear view of the success of your procurement transformation programme is vital for ensuring stakeholder buy-in and sustaining business momentum.

We use the 6 key enablers as the basis for developing clear success measure indicators, to ensure that the procurement function continues to add value to the business.

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