ProIntell offers our clients a smart way to monitor, review and benchmark spend in order to optimise costs and improve their financial position on an ongoing basis.

Spend data is often distributed between a large number of financial and ERP systems, across many different geographical and business entities and is rarely in a form that can be of value, either in quality or categorisation.

ProIntell applies structure, categorisation and analytics to your data to deliver deep insight into categories and suppliers at many levels, linking and enriching data from many sources, revealing savings opportunities and tracking performance.

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Collate, Cleanse, Categorise and Validate... rapidly creating a foundation of quality, categorised data

ProIntell Spend Analytics platform... delivers Visualisation and Analytics... on-demand

Data augmentation and enrichment... linking internal and enriching with external data sources for deep insight

Regular refresh... Up-to-date insight and trend and performance reporting

Spend Intelligence Reporting... clear, actionable insight from procurement experts

ProIntell allows you and your team to visualise, analyse and interrogate your data, through a suite of visual analytics dashboards. It combines a high-level view, with the ability to drill-down into your transactions.

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