Felix is an Australian-based software company that delivers tailored, cloud-based software solutions to organisations that rely on a complex and geographically diverse supply chain. With a user-centric design, Felix has been uniquely developed to support centralised, decentralised or hybrid operating models

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Email us: brendan.batch@felix.net


We can help you quickly understand the “art of the possible” and select the optimum providers

  • Use the Solutions Provider Database to understand the market and providers
  • We can help you understand what is possible, how it can fit and develop the business case
  • We can help you engage the market and run a selection process
  • We can help you select the optimum providers and drive the best commercials
  • We can also can help you deploy, configure and implement rapidly
  • If you are a new Solution Provider then please use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch

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