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Procurement Excellence in private Equity Brochure

Procurement Excellence in Private Equity

For a Private Equity business, addressing procurement spend is one of the key levers to improving profitability and increasing value.

Procurement Impact: Responses & Strategies

The Procurement Impact: Responses & Strategies Survey was conducted to discover the impact and strategic responses taken by procurement teams in response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

This free report highlights a number of interesting trends and actionable strategies.

ProIntell: Ensuring that non-pay savings are optimised – and stay optimised

ProIntell is a cloud-based service providing access to a suite of dashboards and reporting tools that deliver immediate insight into exactly how much you’re spending, what you’re spending it on, and which suppliers you’re spending it with.

Our unique ProIntell Spend Intelligence Service offers NHS Trusts a smart way to monitor, review and benchmark non-pay spend in order to optimise costs and improve your financial position… on an ongoing basis. View demo video here

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