Not just savings. Rigorous and disciplined sourcing to drive savings, innovation, improved supplier performance and reduced risk

We deploy a structured and rigorous Strategic Sourcing process based on best-practice Category Management principles to deliver not just cost reduction, but improved service, improved quality, supplier innovation, accessing the best suppliers (and preventing your competitors from them) improved supplier performance, increased compliance and lower financial and supply chain risk.

We work together with client teams, both procurement resources and stakeholders, working collaboratively to deliver the benefits but to ensure the outcomes are embedded and sustainable.

We call this Co-Sourcing.

And we embed it through technology. Our cloud-based methodology tool facilitates Co-Sourcing, enables effective Strategic Sourcing and embeds best-practice in your organisation.

Strategic Sourcing Chart

  • Cost reduction- clear measurable savings delivered to the bottom-line
  • New suppliers/terms and commercials embedded
  • High-degree of knowledge transfer through Co-Sourcing
  • Cross-functional sourcing teams created and enabled
  • Change embedded and sustainable
  • Best-practice Strategic Sourcing process embedded through technology

We deploy our Co-Sourcing methodology, starting with establishing category cost baselines, identifying the total cost breakdown, understanding he current situation, and analysing the relevant supply markets. From this we recommend appropriate strategies for the category.

Our team then produces RFP documentation and tender contracts and the approaches and commercial models they embody. We look at the appropriate methodologies for assessing quotations and tenders, at the negotiation strategies to be employed, and the tools and materials required to support these.

We will draw up implementation plans for new strategies to ensure your success. Our extensive experience across categories and sectors provides the foundation to all sourcing strategies. These use appropriate advanced techniques and levers suitable for direct and indirect spend.

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We build long-term partnerships with our clients that deliver ongoing cost reduction and continuous improvement in procurement that drives value to the bottom line. If you would like to know more about how that works for your business then please get in touch: