Establishing a robust Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) programme to effectively manage the entire supply base is crucial for ensuring a secure and robust supply chain, and driving value from strategic supplier relationships.

But understanding how to efficiently allocate finite procurement resources to SRM can often be a challenge.

A clearly defined strategic process for managing all interactions with suppliers can help to identify the organisation’s most important vendors, thereby driving value through collaborative partnerships.

Supplier relationship management

We work with clients to successfully implement programmes of Supply Base Management and Supplier Relationship Management, embedding core processes, tools, techniques, methodology and ensuring the organisation is equipped with the skills and expertise to drive the benefits.

Our experience shows that significant procurement efficiencies can be achieved through a structured and robust SRM programme:

  • Improved security of supply
  • Targeted supplier management
  • Enhanced supplier relationships and greater collaboration
  • Improved supplier performance
  • Greater supplier value creation

Supply Base Segmentation – Establishing a structured approach to segmenting the Supply Base in order to identify Critical and Strategic suppliers within each of the Sourcing Categories.

Supplier Performance Measurement – Identifying measurement criteria and well-defined KPIs that support effective performance management and drive supplier improvements.

Supplier Performance Management – Developing a structured management cycle with regular supplier reviews in order to quickly identify supply chain vulnerability and mitigate disruptions.

Supply Base Reporting – Establishing procurement metrics for monitoring the entire supply base and the progressive maturity of collaborative supplier relationships.

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