In a world of economic uncertainty, rapidly evolving technologies, profit pressures and an emphasis on value enhancement, Supply Chains have undergone a process of redefinition in recent years. 

They are now increasingly viewed as a strategic element, offering opportunities for greater collaboration and cost efficiencies, improved inventory management and communication, as well as providing the basis for enhanced supplier and customer relationships.


The most effective and efficient Supply Chains

Drawing from our deep experience across multiple sectors, Procura help and advise organisations on the how to optimise their Supply Chains.

Working across a 3 Step Process, we perform a number of bespoke checks and evaluations - from process improvements within an organisation’s procurement processes through to production and logistics performance.


Procura’s 3 Step Process to Supply Chain Optimisation:


Step 1:

  • Map your current processes and the people involved
  • Identify where your current procedures sit within these processes

Step 2:

  • Recommend efficiency savings – across process and people

Step 3:

  • e-map your current processes in line with best practice
  • Re-write internal procedures to align with the new way or working

How do we do it?

We analyse all transactional data from all internal and external issuing and receipting locations to ensure that all ‘visible’ electronic movements are captured and analysed.

Through a process of site ‘walkarounds’ and interviews we identify and map the ‘off system’ processes and historical bespoke tasks that exist.

Following our 3 Step Process (as outlined above) we are able to quantify the benefits of becoming more efficient - systemising as standardising as many processes as possible.


Following implementation of our recommendations, Procura work with organisations to ensure the most appropriate KPI’s and performance measures are put in place to maximise the benefits realised going forward.

Client Resource

During our 3 Step Process, Procura will conduct a resource capacity and capability assessment to ascertain the effectiveness of the existing workforce in the related departments. We can benchmark personnel against industry standards and conduct a training needs analysis to enable clients to improve the performance of their entire supply chain.

Case Study:



Why choose Procura?

  • We are specialists in procurement. We bring Procurement Excellence, deliver cost reduction and improve our client’s profitability
  • Our consultants work closely with all kinds of organisations to improve their profitability by identifying, delivering and maintaining savings from all categories of external spend
  • A relentless focus on bottom-line results combined with our deep supply-market knowledge ensures that spend is optimised – and stays optimised
  • We offer a range of entrepreneurial risk-sharing fee models to partner with our clients