Identify, deliver and maintain benefits and efficiencies in your Supply Chain

Building a resilient, efficient and cost-effective supply chain is critical for organisations.

Supply chain disruptions have become common place, and the need to be resilient, technology enabled and cost conscious to protect the bottom line and your brand has never been more important.

With the historical focus on creating Just in Time (JIT), consolidated and low-cost supply chains, organisations now fear that they have lost or losing key resilience, transparency and management of their supply chains, creating challenges across quick and uncontrollable shifts in costs and working capital, supplier failure and reputational damage.

Procura Consulting brings a holistic approach to supply chain optimisation. Evaluating strategic levers such as network design, integrating inventory management and working capital optimisation, as well as the more operational issues of cost and process efficiency.

We typically follow a three-step process to develop a robust third-party risk supply chain optimisation strategy for your organisation, with tangible actions plans and rolled up sleeves delivery.

Step 1: Identify

Deep data analysis provides the keys to unlocking benefits. Our teams map, analyse, optimise and visualise to identify where and how to realise cost benefits and operational efficiencies.

Step 2: Delivery

We manage the market, engage providers supported by technology and drive the optimum balance of cost and service for your organisation.

Step 3: Maintain

We ensure policies and processes are carefully embedded to enable benefits to be realised and foster ongoing and continuous improvement across your supply chain.

  • Develop specific strategies for critical goods/services and supply chains.
  • Design and embed internal and external policies and processes
  • Risk and Resilience Management (see Supply Chain Risk Management)
  • Digitalisation, automation and predictive analytics
  • Consulting services
  • Managed services (white labelled or in partnership)
  • Cost optimisation opportunity assessments
  • Warehouse Management
  • Logistics and Transportation Management
  • Network Strategy and optimisation
  • Procure to Pay
  • Source to Contract
  • Sustainability diagnostics, embedding and tracking
  • Sales and Operations Planning and Execution (S&OP and S&OE)
  • Supplier Management
  • Re-engineering processes
  • Market Intelligence and Innovation
  • Working Capital Improvement
  • Benchmarking, Reporting, Dashboards and Benefits Tracking

  • Cost reduction (overheads and price paid) and optimisation through sourcing and contract policies, processes and management
  • Service level improvements
  • Automation and digital improvements to create efficiencies and cost benefits
  • Supply chain risk assessments and enhanced resilience
  • Warehouse and network optimisation and efficiencies
  • Improved collaboration and brand ambassadors from the supply chain
  • Enhanced inventory management and working capital improvement
  • New ways of working embedded to enable wider beneficial sustainable procurement initiatives
  • Board level visualisation (dashboard and key reports) of supply chain, benefits and key risks for budgeting, operational management and project initiative purposes
  • Operational and procurement proactive and collaborative informed decision making to identify and mitigate supply chain risks
  • Innovation from market intelligence and new ways of working
  • Ensure quality control and regulatory compliance
  • Improve order fulfilment lead times and transportation costs
  • Improve sustainability in the supply chain, across specific or all ESG topics

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