Embed sustainable procurement excellence by building your teams' capability

We embed skills, policies and procedures and give you the tools you need to effectively deliver Sustainable Procurement on an ongoing basis.

Our Sustainable Procurement Capability Diagnostic benchmarks your current capability

We use the globally recognised ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement framework to understand the gaps in capability and the target

We define your Path to Maturity with a clear, actionable implementation plan

We roll our sleeves up, and support you, to build your capability and embed Sustainable Procurement Excellence into your organisation

  • Benchmark your performance against a global standard and industry peers
  • Identify gaps in skills, processes, policies and procedures
  • Define a clear, actionable Path to Maturity
  • Build in-house capability, knowledge and expertise
  • Make Sustainable Procurement sustainable

We embed Sustainable Procurement Excellence in four steps;

Step 1: Sustainable Procurement Capability Diagnostic

We benchmark your current capability using our diagnostic tool

Capability Diagnostic Chart

Step 2. Competency targeting

We use the globally recognised ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement framework to assess the gaps in capability, competency-by-competency, and to define the targets for your organisation

Competency Framework

Step 3. Path to Maturity report

We build out the step-by-step roadmap with a clear, actionable Path to Maturity.

Path to maturity report

Step 4. Hands-on support

We roll our sleeves up and work with your team. We take the actions from the plan and build them into your organisation;

  • training to enable informed sustainable procurement decisions
  • co-writing a Sustainable Procurement Charter,
  • developing your Supplier Code of Conduct,
  • building sustainability measurement into your RFQ templates,
  • creating sourcing evaluation scorecards,
  • defining Supplier Performance Measurement KPIs
  • embedding governance structures,
  • Measuring performance in ProIntell dashboards

The result is Sustainable Procurement Excellence embedded into your organisation through hands-on delivery, structured training and coaching.


sustainable sourcing chart

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