Kickstart your journey to sustainability

Are you trying to improve sustainability but don’t know where to start?

Sustainability encompasses a wide range of issues from carbon emissions to waste reduction, local economy to diversity & inclusion and data security to sustainable growth. Our Sustainable Impact Assessment will help you understand the impact of your supply chain on these issues.

We help define your sustainability objectives; People, Planet and Profit.

We help identify exactly which areas of your supply chain have the greatest risk, and opportunity.

We provide insight and recommendations, category-by category.

We help you understand precisely where to target your efforts to drive the maximum impact.

And a clear actionable roadmap for implementation.

  • Articulate a holistic set of sustainability objectives based on your organisation drivers and supply chain impacts
  • Spend transparency linked to supply base impact
  • Detailed analysis of the current situation, market insights, and Procura’s expert recommendations on a category-by-category basis
  • Accelerate your journey by identifying the highest impact spend areas
  • Implementation plan with a clear, actionable roadmap

Procura’s Sustainable Impact Assessment kickstarts your journey in four steps

Step 1: Sustainable Objective Discovery

Define a holistic set of sustainability objectives that consider your organisation’s impacts and the demands from customers, investors, and employees.


Sustainability matrix

Articulate your objectives using globally recognised frameworks to effectively communicate your progress to stakeholders.



Step 2: Supply Base Sustainability Spend Analysis

Get visibility of supplier spend and sustainable metrics using our ProIntell spend analytics platform.


Step 3: Category Dashboards and Prioritisation Heatmapping

Identify the spend categories with the greatest risk and the greatest opportunity based on your sustainability objectives.


Step 4: Key Category Dashboards

Maximise your impact in the most critical spend areas using dashboards that lay out the current situation, sustainability impacts, market insights and recommendations.


Step 5: Delivery Roadmap

Defined implementation plan with a clear, actionable roadmap to deliver your objectives.

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