Delivering your sustainability objectives through procurement excellence

Implementation is everything.

Procura offer scalable support to deliver your Sustainable Procurement Objectives

We expand the skills, expertise and capacity of your procurement function so that you can achieve your sustainability objectives without affecting business-as-usual

Working with your team, Sustainable Co-Sourcing delivers your objectives, transfers knowledge and embeds capability so that Sustainable Procurement becomes the norm.

  • Add instant expertise, knowledge and capacity to your procurement team
  • Achieve competitive advantage in sustainable product and service offerings
  • Increase brand value by sharing your sustainable achievements with customers and shareholders
  • Realise cost savings through improvements in resource efficiency and waste reduction
  • Transfer knowledge through best practice in action

Our consultants work alongside clients to deliver sustainable solutions, transfer knowledge and embed best practice. We call this Sustainable Co-Sourcing.

  • Sourcing sustainable goods and services for bespoke requirements across the globe
  • Developing category strategies that encompass typical procurement and sustainability objectives. Strategies can be self-delivered or implemented with the support of our team
  • Leveraging our GreenSource buying frameworks which include pre-qualified suppliers who offer environmentally and socially sustainable products and services
  • Measuring the impact in our ProIntell tool with KPIs that can be reported in marketing, customer RFP responses and CSR reports

sustainable sourcing chart

We build long-term partnerships with our clients that deliver ongoing cost reduction and continuous improvement in procurement. If you would like to know how that works for your business, then please get in touch: