Online procurement competency assessment

Our unique Training Needs Assessment (TNA) is an online tool that enables procurement resources, both teams and individuals, to self-assess their level of competency, and guide Training & Development.


It is based on 4 Pillars (aligned to the CIPS Global Standard) and 16 competencies developed by Procura; with each competency built-up from a range of sub-competencies which are bespoke to each client’s specific procurement objectives.

Quickly assess competency gaps in order to identify Training & Development needs

Our online competency profiling and assessment tool enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively understand the competencies of your people, teams and procurement organisation.

  • Leverage our best-practice procurement competency model
  • Standardisation of assessment across organisations
  • Rapid assessment of individuals using our on-line, self-assessment tool
  • Ability to combine results by role, site, team and organisation
  • Output of Personal Development Plans
  • Comprehensive analysis of results to define bespoke Training and Development programmes
  • Repeatable for new hires and progress re-assessment

Strategic chart

Structured, on-line, self-assessment based on our best-practice competency framework

01 We establish your bespoke Procurement Competency Framework, customising our best-practice competency model to perfectly suit your organisation’s objectives

02 Your people complete a self-assessment using our on-line tool

03 Results are moderated by us and validated by you

04 Output of Personal Development Plans

05 Development of Training & Development plan .. for individuals, teams and the organisation

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