Why procurement matters

The procurement function has an increasingly important role to play in driving improvement to an organisation’s bottom line and delivering sustained operational impact.

With external expenditure accounting for up to 70% of an organisation’s costs, it is essential that the procurement capability of an organisation is high-performance.

Very simply, Procurement Excellence delivers competitive advantage.

We work with clients to ensure that strategic procurement is at the forefront of the transformational roadmap, and that procurement functions have the necessary tools and processes to deliver long-term sustainable change.

We offer a range of services starting with a Procurement Function Diagnostic to benchmark your organisation’s current procurement performance, with a range of hands-on Transformation support to develop your function, building the six enablers of procurement excellence; embedding high-performance with specific focus on Procurement Operating Model, people & skills through Training & Development, the core procurement processes of Strategic Sourcing, Category Management and Supplier Relationship Management.

A high-performance procurement function delivers competitive advantage;

  • Improved profitability
  • Improved service from suppliers
  • Improved quality
  • Improved supplier relationships
  • Access to the best suppliers in the market
  • Ensuring compliance and assurance
  • Lower supply risk and lower supplier financial risk

Achieving Procurement Excellence is a journey.

We help clients at ever stage of the journey from Operational to Standard to Professional and on to Excellence, extending the influence and professionalism of procurement in their organisation and realising savings and benefits at each stage.


Procurement Excellence chart

01: Identify.

We benchmark the performance and maturity of the procurement function using our Procurement Function Diagnostic. We develop the future vision and develop a clear, actionable implementation roadmap.

02: Deliver

We work with your people to transform your organisation’s procurement capability, developing the six enablers of procurement excellence. Whether it is through process improvement, technology implementation, organisational change, training, the addition of tools and techniques, coaching or just straightforward doing it together, we make change a reality.

03: Maintain

We ensure that the benefits of Procurement Transformation are maintained, by embedding what we do in your organisation, ensuring it is sustainable and long-term.

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