Efficiently optimize working capital to enable organisational goals and objectives

Maintaining a healthy working capital position has always been essential to sustaining the balance between growth, profitability and liquidity.  Today, 21st century problems have contributed to significant pressures on the finance team to best position the firm for turbulence, and now more than ever, “Cash is King.”  Companies with the most efficient cash conversion cycles will be the ones best positioned for future growth.

For many businesses this means a key focus on inventory management, payment terms optimisation, and data analytics to support KPI tracking across the business.

  • Improved working capital position tied to organisational strategy
  • Optimisation of inventory through visual flow mapping
  • Standardization of payment terms
  • Supplier payment and discount balancing tracking
  • Payables and receivables improvement
  • Transparency across payables, receivables and payment terms
  • Cross-functional problem solving and continuous improvement embedded

01 Identify.

Deep data analysis provides the keys to unlocking working capital improvement. Our consultants map processes, product, information and financial flows and connect data sources in order to visualise precisely where working capital opportunities are hiding in your data.

02 Deliver.

We partner with cross-functional teams to unblock and streamline flows, understand the current state of your payment terms and deliver a path to standardization and value that aligns with organization strategy, including system optimisation.

03 Maintain.

We ensure processes are embedded to enable ongoing and continuous improvement and track the progress of your working capital program.

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